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Laser Hair Removal

Light Sheer Diode Laser –
Permanent Hair Reduction

The Light Sheer Diode Laser is regarded as the “Gold Standard” for permanent hair reduction.

This laser had been carefully designed to protect your skin. It’s parameters have been designed to precisely match laser output to the exact size, depth and location of hair follicles, making this treatment more effective and with reduced discomfort from conventional hair removal techniques.

Performed by our certified and highly experienced laser technicians, your unwanted hair can be gone forever. On your first treatment hair will be visibly reduced with minimal discomfort.
FDA Approved

What is Hair removal?

A laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light. The light is absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicles.

The LightSheer Diode is the worlds most advanced treatment for the removal of unwanted hair. Clients claim laser hair removal to be faster and a more comfortable solution for the permanent reduction of unwanted hair.

Does it hurt?

The laser treatment itself can cause a slight tingly sensation. Most patients tolerate the procedure well.

The appearance of the treated area immediately after a laser session will vary from client to client depending on the area and extend the treatment.

Immediate side effects, if any, are minor and last from a couple of hours to a day or two.
Is Laser hair removal safe?

The LightSheer Diode system is a precision medical device that has undergone extensive testing. The precise laser parameters were carefully defined by studying the anatomy of the hair follicle.

Previous methods of hair removal should be suspended during the treatment period to permit the normal growth of hair. Shaving and cutting the hair between treatments is permitted.

What you can expect

The laser significantly reduces or eliminates discomfort and side  effects, such as ingrown hairs that accompany other methods of hair removal.

The length of a laser session may be a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on the size of the area being treated. The laser treats hair follicles that are in the active growth phase, therefore more than on treatment is required to disable hair follicles that subsequently enter this growth phase.

Since it is more efficient, laser hair removal sessions are both shorter and fewer in number. We recommend between four to six treatments. This saves both time and money for clients. 

Hair removal results in a more positive, attractive you. Many clients claim increased self-esteem from having an improved appearance.

Hair removal is an investment to enhance self-image. Why continue a never ending of regular waxing, tweezing, depilatories, and /or shaving when you can have permanent hair reduction through laser.

Not all excess hair should be treated the same way. At Total Skin & Body we will advise you of the best approach to removing problematic hair growth. 

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