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385 Frederick Street Mall
Kitchener, ON,
N2H 2P2

COVID-19 update

These are unprecedented times for us all. The best we can do at this time is stay home, stay safe and help to flatten the curve.  The quicker we do, the quicker we all get back to business.

We are a non-essential business, therefore we remain closed during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

In our schedule we will keep all current bookings, once we are able to re-open, our staff will contact clients to rebook for those that wish to do so. 

We all watch the news for updates, try to keep spirits up and enjoy time spent with those in your home. Call, text, video chat to keep in touch with those who are not. 
Send virtual support to all those front line essential workers!! Keep us all safe, healthy and happy!

We can’t wait to see all our clients once its safe to do so.